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Pile Dynamic Inc.

 PDI Provides Testing and Monitoring Systems for all Types of Deep Foundations.

 PDI Deep Foundation Testing, Analysis and Consulting Services

 PDI 1-Pile Integrity Tester (PIT)
The Pile Integrity Tester confirms the absence of major cracks and voids on any type of concrete foundations prior to construction of the superstructure. It may also test piles integral in the structure, such as those supporting existing bridges or towers, and determine their length.
The Low Strain Dynamic Testing method employed by the PIT is fast enough to permit testing of every pile on site.
"Just to let you know that I have been very impressed with the data collected by the PIT-FV on two recent projects. The first involved testing spliced timber piles in excess of 30m in length through a concrete pile cap. (...) The second project involved PIT testing of precast concrete piles. (...) Both sets of PIT testing gave the clients the confidence in the long-term durability of their foundations they required."
PIT performs the wave equation-based non-destructive test known as Pulse or Sonic Echo Test, or Low Strain Dynamic Test. The test consists of attaching one or two accelerometers to the foundation, and using a small hand-held hammer to impact it. The accelerometer data reveals any significant changes in cross section that may exist along the shaft. The PIT-W software post processes the data and generates reports.
The Pile Integrity Tester is available in two models: PIT-V and PIT-FV. Both are light, battery powered, and operated through a high visibility touch screen. PIT-V reads data from one accelerometer for data analysis in the Time Domain. PIT-FV reads data from an accelerometer and an instrumented hammer or from two accelerometers. It permits force and velocity analysis in the Frequency Domain for a more thorough evaluation of the foundation and allows the investigation of defects near the pile top. PIT-FV may be used to assess of the depth of an unknown foundation. An optional FFT feature is available for both models

 PDI 2-Cross-Hole Analyzer (CHA)
The Cross-Hole Analyzer (CHA) evaluates the quality of the concrete of deep foundations by the Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) method. It also performs Single Hole Sonic Logging (SSL). The CHA model CHAMP consists of a main unit, transmitter, receiver, two independent depth measuring devices, a tripod for assembling the test, and the powerful software CHA-W.
Drilled shafts are prepared for the test by installation of PVC or steel tubes during their construction. During the test a transmitter is lowered down one of the tubes and sends a high frequency signal to a receiver inserted in another tube. Transmitter and receiver move down each pair of tubes, scanning the entire length of the shaft. CHAMP transmitters and receivers are available with cables of various lengths, and may each be positioned at different depth levels for maximum testing flexibility.
The CHAMP is small, light and operable by a color touch-screen visible in all lighting conditions. Its internal battery, designed to last an entire day of normal testing, frees the tester from a power source, allowing easy movement between shafts. Essential analysis is performed in the field in real time.
Field data is further analyzed by the CHA-W software, which outputs graphs such as First Arrival Time, Wave Speed, Waterfall Diagram and Energy Plot, and aids in test report preparation. Tomography imaging performed with the Tomosonic Software further enhances the interpretation of test results.
The Cross-Hole Analyzer is also available in the model CHA-QX featuring a keyboard and the option of running CHA-W in the equipment itself.