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Tyrolit Saw Blade

 Tyrolit Saw Blade

Diamond Wall Saw Blades
Saw-blade body
-Core design for excellent slurry removal and reduced susceptibility to cracking
-Special steel for quiet saw operation, particularly on reinforcement
-Excellent feed for cutting of reinforcement through increased chip space
-Clear identification through Tyrolit design and colour coding at the front plus label on the rear
-Driving holes for all relevant wall saw­ machines

 Tyrolit Saw Blade

Diamond Core Drills Optimum centring characteristics
-High-precision centring through roof-shaped segments
-Minimum contact area during spot drilling = reduced machine stress
-No shifting of the drill bit = exact drill holes
-No vibration
-Low stress on drill rig and drill motor
-Low pipe friction due to exact guide = reduced drive power loss

Optimum feed characteristics
-High feed rate from the outset
-Exceptional performance when spot drilling and drilling from the solid
-Maximum feed over the entire service life
-Low contact pressure required
-Optimum performance during drill-ing of steel reinforcement