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Market Leaders (ML) distributor for international companies:-

 ELE  HATZ Tramex Proceq Extech Extech Weka  ELE  HATZ Tramex Proceq Extech Extech Weka
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HATZ Germany Diesel engine

HATZ Product Overview

  1. *Single Cylinder Engines:
  2. *Multi Cylinder Engines:
  3. *Generating sets and water pumps:

Generating sets and water pumps

Gen Sets

- standard (9.5 kVA)
- encapsulated version (9 kVA)
 Gen 1 -very compact design, no bearing, no clutch
-short in length, compared with standard designs, by a factor 2 shorter
-excellent handcrank starting capability as well as electric start capability
-reliable and robust design
-not even one single part affected by mechanical wear
-no rotating coils
-no rotating electronic parts
-no brushes, no slip rings
-no sensitive voltage regulator
-extreme high efficiency above 92 % at 9.5 kVA
-completely closed alternator housing, cooling air circulation taken from engine side

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