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Applied Measurment

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  • 2-Torque Transducer

     Applied For Example
    Flange type rotary TORQUE SENSOR
    YDFF Series
    -Torque Ranges 50Nm to 5kNm
    -0.3% Accuracy Class
    -Slip ring technology
    -Flange coupling
    -up to 5000rpm

    Options Available
    -Mounting pedestal
    -Customer-specific measuring ranges
    -Supplied With Any Instrumentation and Calibrated as a Complete System with Traceable Certificate

    The YDFF torque sensors are a slip ring rotating transducers and have flange drives at both ends. They feature female thread holes on the flange to provide easy installation and requires minimal mounting space due to their compact size.
    The YDFF series can be further complimented by any of our range of instrumentation to offer a complete system, supplied and calibrated from a single supplier.

    3-Pressure and Level Transducer

     Applied For Example
    Transmitter, Switch & Display
    DS200 Series
    -Pressure Ranges 10mbar to 600bar
    -Gauge or Absolute Versions
    -Sealed to IP65 (Plug & Socket) or
    -IP67 (M12 x 1 Threaded Connector)
    -4-digit LED rotating display
    -1 or 2 freely configurable switchpoints
    -4-20mA or 0-10VDC outputs
    -Excellent Performance/Price Ratio

    Options Available
    -Interim Pressure Ranges (Consult Factory)
    -Intrinsically Safe version: II (1) 2 G EEx ia IIC T4 (Zone 0/1)
    -Various mechanical connections including: G, G, G flush
    (>100mbar & <40bar only), NPT & NPT - all male
    -5-Pin M12x1 IP67 male connector with mating half & 2m cable or
    Hirschmann DIN43650 Plug & Socket (IP65)
    -Improved accuracy (NL&H) - <0.125% or <0.175%/span BFSL

    The DS200 series of pressure sensors offers an integrated combination of pressure transmitter/transducer, intelligent pressure switch and digital display, along with a variety of pressure connection options, making it ideal for a wide range of applications including pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, pneumatics and hydraulics.
    The digital display offers rotation on 2 axes, 240 on the front face and 300 on the transducer housing axis, thus enabling adjustment to its optimum viewing position.
    Configuration of the set-point(s) is via two buttons situated on the front of the display. Each point is freely configurable from 0% to 100% of full scale.
    All units utilise a Stainless Steel diaphragm, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of process media and excellent long-term stability.
    The DS200 series can be supplied calibrated with additional instrumentation such as external displays or data loggers if required, offering a single source solution for your system requirements.

    4-Displacement Transducer

     Applied For Example
    Industrial Series LVDT
    AML/IE Series
    -Ranges 0.5mm to 550mm
    -Robust Stainless Steel Construction
    -Guided Core as Standard
    -Sealed to IP65 (IP68 optional)
    -Simple Installation
    -Wide Variety of Different
    -Outputs; mVac, 0-5vdc, 0-10vdc, 4-20mA, 2.5vdc

    Options Available
    -Environmental sealing to IP68.
    -Extension Rod Wiper.
    -Axial Cable Exit.
    -Longer cable lengths available on request.
    -Integral bayonet lock connector.
    -Improved Linearity on DC versions.
    -Higher temperature versions (consult factory).
    -Custom design versions available (consult factory).

    The AML/IE series of Industrial LVDT Displacement Transducers can be AC or DC powered and are widely used in Industrial applications where a rugged construction and excellent environmental sealing are essential.
    The AML/IE has been widely used in Process Plants, Paper Mills and Industrial Test rigs.
    They are of robust construction, manufactured from stainless steel, sealed to IP65 (IP68 optional) and fitted with tough cable. Supplied in a variety of packaging formats they enable engineers to select quickly and precisely, the product required for a particular application.
    The AML/IE is supported with a versatile range of instrumentation to enable engineers to implement the sensor with the minimum of fuss within a system. Supporting instrumentation includes trip amplifiers, indicators, PC interfaces, rack systems, etc.