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 ELE  HATZ Tramex Proceq Extech Extech Weka  ELE  HATZ Tramex Proceq Extech Extech Weka
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  • Concrete Testing
  • Cement Testing
  • Aggregates Testing
  • Asphalt Testing
  • Rock Machines
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Soil Testing

    1- Sample Mixers
    A regular laboratory requirement is the mixing of samples with water and/or other constituents to provide a homogeneous mixture prior to subsequent testing.The following range of mixers provide an efficient means of mixing samples.
    Bench-mounting Mixer
    5 litre nominal capacity

    2-Soil Index Properties
    Soil index properties are used extensively by engineers to discriminate between the different kinds of soil within a broad category, e.g. clay will exhibit a wide range of engineering properties depending upon its composition. Classification tests to determine index properties will provide the engineer with valuable information when the results are compared against empirical data relative to the index properties determined.
    Determination of Liquid Limit
    Casagrande Method
    Satisfies International Standards Motorised versions with integral blow counter available Par ticular design features of the instrument include a positive action horizontal lead screw which is rapidly adjustable and rigidly fixes the height of cup in relation to the base during the test procedure. The cam mechanism and cup suspension assembly have been designed to withstand constant use with minimum re-adjustment.  Casagrande

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