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 ELE  HATZ Tramex Proceq Extech Extech Weka  ELE  HATZ Tramex Proceq Extech Extech Weka
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  • Soil Testing
  • Concrete Testing
  • Cement Testing
  • Aggregates Testing
  • Asphalt Testing
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Rock Machines

    1-Rock Shear Strength
    The engineering strength and slope stability of a rock
    formation is directly related to the strength of any fault
    line within it, therefore it is essential to obtain data
    concerning such weakness at the design stage.

    2-Permeability of Rock
    Investigating the permeability or flow of water through
    rock subjected to high confining pressures is often
    necessary.The capacity of a rock mass at depth to
    transmit or yield water is of particular importance when
    designing deep structures such as tunnels.

     Pressure Systems 3-Permeability Constant Pressure Systems
    ELE Oil/water
    Constant Pressure Systems
    - Sealed oil reservoir
    - Continuous constant pressure control

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