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Market Leaders (ML) distributor for international companies:-

 ELE  HATZ Tramex Proceq Extech Extech Weka  ELE  HATZ Tramex Proceq Extech Extech Weka
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  • Temperature Meters
  • Humidity Meters
  • Moisture Meters
  • Light Meters
  • Sound Level Meters
  • Air Velocity Meters
  • Process Calibrators
  • PH Meters
  • Clamp Meters / Oscilloscopes
  • Current and Voltage Detectors / True RMS Power Clamp Meters
  • Thermal Camera
  • Temperature Meters

     IR 1-Infrared Thermometers (IR) Extechs range of High Temperature IR Thermometers include models with alarms, Type K inputs or Datalogging and printing capabilities.

    42510: Mini IR Thermometer 8:1 Compact IR thermometer with wide temperature range
    -Wide temperature range: -58 to 1000F (-50 to 538C)
    -Built-in laser pointer for easy targeting
    -Audible and visible overrange indicators
    -Large backlit LCD display
    -High resolution of 0.1 up to 199.9
    -Fixed 0.95 emissivity covers 90% of surface applications
    -Automatic Data Hold when trigger released
    -Auto power off

     IR IR201: Pocket IR Thermometer 6:1 Wide range compact size InfraRed thermometer with laser pointer
    -Wide temperature range: -58F to 518F (-50 to 270C)
    -Economical small pocket size design for convenience
    -Built-in laser pointer for easy targeting
    -Fixed emissivity (0.95) covers 90% of surface applications
    -Visual overrange indicator
    -Data Hold and Max Hold, Auto power off

     IR EZ20: EzFlex InfraRed Thermometer 8:1 Non-contact InfraRed Thermometer with flexible gooseneck probe
    -Non-contact temperature measurement from -58 to 1100F (-50 to 600C)
    -16" (406mm) flexible probe provides easy access for difficult to reach locations
    -Large LCD display with backlighting
    -Built-in laser pointer to improve aim
    -F/C switchable
    -Fixed emissivity (0.95) covers 90% of surface applications
    -8:1 Distance to Spot Ratio
    -Automatic Data Hold and auto power off
    -Complete with 9V battery and carrying case

     Thermocouple 2-Thermocouple Thermometers Datalogger, Printer Extech offers a selection of thermometers with datalogging and printing capabilities for data storage analysis and report generation.

    HD200: Differential Thermometer Datalogger + IR Thermometer Thermometer with differential Type K and non-contact IR temperature measurements
    -Type K temperature range: -328 to 2501F (-200 to 1372C)
    -IR temperature range: -22 to 1022F (-30 to 550C)
    -Datalogs up to 18,000 readings on each channel
    -Display [T1, T2, T3(IR)] or [T1-T2] or [T1-T3] or [T2-T3]
    -Differential T1-T2 display for HVAC/Superheat measurements
    -Heavy Duty rugged double molded housing
    -MAX/MIN/AVG and Data Hold
    -IR Thermometer probe (8:1) to measure non-contact surface Temperature up to 1022F (550C)
    -Triple LCD display (when IR probe is plugged in)
    -USB port
    -Includes two Type K bead wire probes (-4 to 482F/-20 to 250C)
    -IR Thermometer probe, Windows compatible software with USB cable
    -carrying case and 9V battery